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1. March 2015
by Steffen
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Mini-U-Boot Comet

The freetime center Xanten (FZX) makes the water of the two lakes in Xanten an important role also for example with the water skiing facility in the north of the Xanten Southsea. Especially for Project GeoXantike is up camp here … Continue reading

1. March 2015
by Steffen
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New climbing presentations and more

Ave! We’ll be welcoming you in Xanten in just over three months, and our Roman scribes have noted 4,866 attendees so far! For those interested in T5 caches, presentations for beginners and intermediates are now on offer in our online … Continue reading

21. February 2015
by Steffen
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guided kids-tour and more

Dear representatives of the people and citizens of Rome, Thank you for your trust – more than 4,705 participants have registered their attendance, and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Through your support with early … Continue reading

31. January 2015
by Steffen


Ave! Signal frogs of the Roman Empire and from all countries, we hereby cordially invite you to the plenary of the Signal frogs during GeoXantike, taking place on VI-VI-MMXV in Xanten. Your caching parents can leave you in our care … Continue reading

25. January 2015
by Steffen
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Osningbahn-Sonderzug to Xanten

We report to you a special event today: The team of the event series “A train will come …” will drive to Xanten with a geocachers-exclusive train this year on June 06th. From Bielefeld it comes with three coupled restored … Continue reading

25. January 2015
by Steffen
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Coin presale

Mega events need good organisation – we’re already making the final preparations to ensure you’ll receive your event-related Geocoins in good time for GeoXantike. As our minters need sufficient time to be able to fulfill all of your requests and … Continue reading

7. December 2014
by Steffen
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Following on from last week’s announcement of the Roman group “Classis Augusta Germanica”, we’ve saved a very special announcement for this, the second Sunday of Advent. We’d mentioned it before, but we’re pleased to say that it’s finally time for … Continue reading

25. October 2014
by Steffen
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Ave, Geocachers! We’d like to thank the 3,000+ cachers who’ve indicated that they wish to participate in Roman life in the coming year. Preparations are in full swing and some questions have already reached us in a variety of ways. … Continue reading