Project GeoXantike


guided kids-tour and more

Dear representatives of the people and citizens of Rome,

Thank you for your trust – more than 4,705 participants have registered their attendance, and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Through your support with early registration, and through the sale of the Sponsor Coins, we‘ve been able to win new highlights for the “children experience history” programme: there will be free guided tours available, specifically designed for children aged from six years and up, which will allow them to experience Roman life up close. As always, space is limited, so we ask you to book via our online store.

The Roman minters wish to point out once again that time is required for the production of coins – the Kids Coin is available for pre-order only up to this Sunday, 22 February. As decreed by the Senate, pre-orders of the Kids Coin will cease thereafter and it will no longer be available for purchase – not even at the event.

Friends and fans of podcasts will have the opportunity to participate in a live podcast broadcast on 6 June. Following the broadcast there will be a listener‘s meeting a forum where you‘ll have a chance to meet the podcast creators in person.

All the news about the event is available via our website and social media channels such as Facebook – why not pop by and take a look from time to time?

See you in Xanten – your GeoXantike Organiser Team.

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