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New climbing presentations and more


We’ll be welcoming you in Xanten in just over three months, and our Roman scribes have noted 4,866 attendees so far!

For those interested in T5 caches, presentations for beginners and intermediates are now on offer in our online store. We’ve also been able to organise additional offers due to the high demand for the guides in the APX, the Roman Museum, the Cathedral of St. Victor and the town of Xanten. All of these new offers can also be found in our online store.

Romans who have been infected with the ‘trackable sharing and exchange virus’ will have the opportunity to attend a Geocoin and Trackables meeting on the Saturday of the event. Further information about this can be found on our programme page, available at

If you wish to participate in any of the programmed offers, please remember to place your order(s) well in advance in order to secure your place(s). Offers include the dealer mile, Roman-style fun and games, children’s entertainment, workshops and presentations, and other activities such as entry into the APX, visit of the Roman settlement, the Siegfried museum in the town of Xanten, and the evening event in the arena with gladiator fights and a great live band.

The picnic event on Thursday and the ten star events for the Sunday will be published from next weekend – information about each event will also be available on our website.

If you enjoy modern diving, the Xanten Southern Lake will also be a place for you to visit: there’ll be a mini-submarine offering dives especially for Project GeoXantike attendees. Further details and prices are available on our home page.

Finally, we wish to remind you that the sale of Event Coins will end on 22 March 2015. If you wish to purchase one of the coins as a souvenir, don’t wait too long! Please be aware that our coin minters will only create coins that have been pre-ordered (via our site). Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Your Project GeoXantike Team

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