Project GeoXantike



So, you want to support us by purchasing a sponsor coin and learning more?

Then you’ve come to the right page! Here’s some more information about our idea:

We want to make this event for families to be an inexpensive experience.

Although children and young people under 18 years do not need to pay admission to the APX, we’d like to use the proceeds of the sponsor coin to prepare a lively social programme for them, thereby ensuring a relaxed event for parents. We’re proposing to use the proceeds to finance the following services for children/young people:

  • We’d like to invite a group of Romans to create a camp in the park in order to bring the youngsters closer to life in the Roman era
  • We’d also like to ensure that youngsters can participate in all evening entertainment activities free of charge
  • Tours will be offered in the APX and in Xanten town soon. We’d like to enable interested parents to have their youngsters accompany them free of charge
  • In addition, we’ll be offering a themed childrens‘ entertainment programme with painting, crafts, make-up, etc. The cost of these would be covered by your support.

The sponsor coin is limited to (GOLD XLE 75) for 20,- € and in SILVER (LE 150) for 15,- €. Each coin will also be provided with a special numbered engraving.


As the design is also very appealing to children, we‘ve decided to also provide it as a kid‘s coin in BLACK NICKEL (RE) , but without additional engraving. The coins can be ordered via the shop from the beginning of December at 10,- € per coin. These coins are only available via pre-order, and once the pre-order period (late February) has expired, no further orders will be accepted.

We’d like to draw your attention once again to the fact that the sponsor coin is not the event coin and that it will not be reproduced. The output of this coin is only possible on 05 and 06.06.2015 at the event. We do not anticipate providing shipping.

We’ll send out an announcement as soon as the store goes online.

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting our campaign “Children experience History“.