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14. June 2015
by Tobias
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Thank you!

Ave, dear Event Participants!

We’ve finally got round to thanking you for your participation and your messages in the logs – we actually read all of them and are overwhelmed by your feedback. Thank you so much for that!

The Roman gods were very fond of us and you this past weekend:

  • “Fortuna”, the goddess of fortune and fate was loyal to all coin-, trackable- and cache-hunters, and of course, to those who took part in the numerous games and raffles,
  • the sun god “Sol” smiled significantly,
  • even the storm on Friday evening was a sign, after all, the Roman god “Jupiter” is a god of thunder! 😉

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers, the tutors at the workshops and presentations, as well as the guys from Live Podcast – the implementation of such an event would have been impossible without you all. A big thank you to the LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten for welcoming us with its hospitality, and to the Tourist Information Xanten (TIX) which enabled us to host the event in the first place. We are, of course, also grateful to all the sponsors and the many traders who found their way to Xanten, and to the gladiators of Amor Mortis and the Roman camp, Classis Augusta Germanica.

Last, but not least, our thanks to you – what would a Giga event be without its participants – thank you for helping enable our event reach its status!

Our Roman Statisticians are pleased to announce the following data:
overall, we have 11,946 people on Saturday so far, of which 7,606 have already logged on On Friday we had 2,719 participants in the arena.

We were so pleased to be able to present the Lower Rhine to you all with this year’s Project and hope to see you all again at “Project Glück Auf 2016” GC55555 in Essen.

For those of you who would like to relive some Project GeoXantike 2015 memories: one of our party has sent us the following YouTube links with a summary of both days, for which we are extremely grateful.

Here are the links to the press conference and to live GigaXantike podcast:

Unfortunately, one of the participants is still missing her Garmin. If you have found it, please get in touch with us via The owner of the lost movie camera which was kindly handed in to us would like to thank the honest finder very much. If you lost something at the event, please do get in touch with us as we still have some lost property.

One final request: Please remember to log your TB’s and Coins out of the event.

Farewell until TipiTipiTap II on 20th May 2017. Thank you all for an unforgettable event and we hope that you’ll remember us for a long time.

Your organizing team from CacherTeamGeldern

31. May 2015
by Tobias
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It’s almost time!

Ave, dear Event Participants!

It’s almost time! The Giga-Event Project GeoXantike will open its doors next Saturday. With the first pre-event on Wednesday, the picnic on Thursday, Meet & Greet on Friday and the ten Star Events on Sunday, there will be plenty to discover in Xanten and our region. Here’s a quick summary of the latest news for you:

In order to maintain security, ticket sales ceased mid-May. However, due to the popularity of this event we’ve got together with the park to increase the number of day-tickets available. These will be sold at the park box office located at the event checkpoint – here and at the information booth of the TIX in the merchant’s mile we’ll also be offering the remaining event coins. Tickets and coins will of course only be available while stocks last.

The checkpoint is also the first port of call for those of you who pre-booked items: just present your printed receipt (PDF file attached to receipt email) to collect your tickets, T-shirts, coins, etc… Please bear in mind that our hard-working helpers won’t be able to hand over your ordered items without seeing a valid receipt, so please don’t forget to bring it along!

The checkpoint will be accessible on Friday from 16:00 to 18:30hrs, and on Saturday from 09:00 until 18:00hrs.

On the Saturday of the event the reviewer stall will be staffed by numerous volunteers between 09:00 and 16:00hrs. The stall will be located on the merchant’s mile in the event area, and the volunteers will be happy to answer your questions about geocaching.

Fans of coins and trackables will find plenty to discover – however, we’d like to remind you that there won’t be a swap-box at the event. For those of you wishing to exchange coins or TBs, we suggest that you approach interested cachers directly.

Here’s a reminder of the meeting places for the pre-booked guided tours:
– Both the Xanten tour and the cathedral tour will start at the Tourist Information Office in Xanten (about 1km away from the event site) N: 51° 39.687 E: 006° 27.148
– The Roman Museum Tour start at the entrance of the Roman museum in the park N: 51° 39.993 E: 006° 26.429
– The Parkführung start at the new entrance building of the Park inside the park N: 51° 39.962 E: 006° 27.058

Both evening events will be held in the partially reconstructed amphitheater of the APX. Here you can expect stone seats under the open sky, so for those of you who would prefer a little comfort, do as the ancient Romans did and bring a cushion or two (or perhaps even a towel in the event of wet weather!).

If you wish to take advantage of the Rhein Ferry upon arrival, or during your tour around Xanten, please note the ferry timetable: from 10:00 until 19:00hrs.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Your Organising Team from CacherTeamGeldern

16. May 2015
by Steffen
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Our online store will close its doors tomorrow

Ave, dear participants!

Our online store will close its doors tomorrow. This is necessary so that we can ensure you receive your ordered your tickets etc. in time for the event.

So, you only have until tomorrow to secure your order, and to benefit from advance booking prices.
At the event itself we will only be offering left-over stock and returned items.

Information for our bloggers and podcasters: On the Saturday of the event we are planning to hold a press conference at 11:30hrs. Should you wish to attend the press conference, please contact our press coordinator, Janine. You can reach her via email at Attendance at the press conference is restricted to those who have contacted Janine beforehand. For further information, just send Janine an email!

See you in Xanten!
Your Organizing Team


21. March 2015
by Tobias
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GeoXantike Geocoins

Ave, dear Event Visitors!

Tomorrow, Sunday 22/03/15 is an important date, as we have pointed out before. This is because event coins need to be pre-ordered via our online store by tomorrow.

On Monday the orders will be sent to our Roman minters who require this lead time for production. So if you haven’t ordered in good time via our store, please don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to get a coin at the event. For organisational reasons we’ll be bringing only the last remaining coins to the event, and they won’t be available at the pre-sale price.

So make sure you place your order for these brilliant souvenir coins today, and why not take the opportunity to order your event ticket(s) at the same time at
Our store also has more great deals related to the long weekend event.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Your organisers – the CacherTeamGeldern

4. March 2015
by Tobias
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Dear participants – due to your numerous “Will Attend” logs we have been awarded GIGA status for the GeoXantike event. This is primarily down to you, as it’s purely due to popularity that a GIGA Event can even be made possible.

The amendment from MEGA to GIGA won’t mean any changes for participants – the event will still be hosted in the remains of a Roman town, so there’ll be plenty of room for all cachers to get involved with this experience of a lifetime.

Together with you, we’re looking forward to meeting Annie and Cathy, two of the Groundspeak lackeys who have announced their attendance, and to more than 30 Groundspeak volunteer reviewers who have also logged a ‘Will Attend’ for the GIGA event in Xanten. They’re still “tinkering” with the implementation, but after the reviewer stall in Koblenz and Munich went down so well, there’ll certainly be a reviewer stall in Xanten.

For Coin enthusiasts, we’d like to remind you of the deadline for orders in our online store: the Event Geocoins are available on pre-order during the next two and a half weeks only, up to 22 March. There will only be a few remaining coins to purchase at the event – so if you want to be sure of a Coin, we’d advise you to pre-order.

We thank you for your encouragement and rejoice with you over the new icon.
See you at GeoXantike!

Your CacherTeamGeldern

1. March 2015
by Steffen
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Mini-U-Boot Comet

The freetime center Xanten (FZX) makes the water of the two lakes in Xanten an important role also for example with the water skiing facility in the north of the Xanten Southsea.

Especially for Project GeoXantike is up camp here the minisubmarine “Comet“. The home-built submarine has been tested for dives up to 100 meters and can accommodate a total of two people.

The team provides on Saturday 30 minute rides through the Xanten South (of course in the submerged state;)) on. These tours each cost 50, – Euro and be paid cash on the spot.

Meeting place and dive center can be found at the following coordinates:

Nord 51° 40.220 – Ost 006° 27.330

For more information about the U-Boot click on the website of the team:

Have a nice insight into the perspective under water provided by the following Youtube movie:

Cospudener See1 Cospudener See7

1. March 2015
by Steffen
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New climbing presentations and more


We’ll be welcoming you in Xanten in just over three months, and our Roman scribes have noted 4,866 attendees so far!

For those interested in T5 caches, presentations for beginners and intermediates are now on offer in our online store. We’ve also been able to organise additional offers due to the high demand for the guides in the APX, the Roman Museum, the Cathedral of St. Victor and the town of Xanten. All of these new offers can also be found in our online store.

Romans who have been infected with the ‘trackable sharing and exchange virus’ will have the opportunity to attend a Geocoin and Trackables meeting on the Saturday of the event. Further information about this can be found on our programme page, available at

If you wish to participate in any of the programmed offers, please remember to place your order(s) well in advance in order to secure your place(s). Offers include the dealer mile, Roman-style fun and games, children’s entertainment, workshops and presentations, and other activities such as entry into the APX, visit of the Roman settlement, the Siegfried museum in the town of Xanten, and the evening event in the arena with gladiator fights and a great live band.

The picnic event on Thursday and the ten star events for the Sunday will be published from next weekend – information about each event will also be available on our website.

If you enjoy modern diving, the Xanten Southern Lake will also be a place for you to visit: there’ll be a mini-submarine offering dives especially for Project GeoXantike attendees. Further details and prices are available on our home page.

Finally, we wish to remind you that the sale of Event Coins will end on 22 March 2015. If you wish to purchase one of the coins as a souvenir, don’t wait too long! Please be aware that our coin minters will only create coins that have been pre-ordered (via our site). Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Your Project GeoXantike Team

21. February 2015
by Steffen
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guided kids-tour and more

Dear representatives of the people and citizens of Rome,

Thank you for your trust – more than 4,705 participants have registered their attendance, and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Through your support with early registration, and through the sale of the Sponsor Coins, we‘ve been able to win new highlights for the “children experience history” programme: there will be free guided tours available, specifically designed for children aged from six years and up, which will allow them to experience Roman life up close. As always, space is limited, so we ask you to book via our online store.

The Roman minters wish to point out once again that time is required for the production of coins – the Kids Coin is available for pre-order only up to this Sunday, 22 February. As decreed by the Senate, pre-orders of the Kids Coin will cease thereafter and it will no longer be available for purchase – not even at the event.

Friends and fans of podcasts will have the opportunity to participate in a live podcast broadcast on 6 June. Following the broadcast there will be a listener‘s meeting a forum where you‘ll have a chance to meet the podcast creators in person.

All the news about the event is available via our website and social media channels such as Facebook – why not pop by and take a look from time to time?

See you in Xanten – your GeoXantike Organiser Team.

31. January 2015
by Steffen



Signal frogs of the Roman Empire and from all countries, we hereby cordially invite you to the plenary of the Signal frogs during GeoXantike, taking place on VI-VI-MMXV in Xanten.

Your caching parents can leave you in our care between approx. 09:30hrs and 17:30hrs at the Signal Senate, where your immunity will be well taken care of.

Those who wish to may, of course, appear in appropriate Roman dress, and the top three outfits will receive awards.

This is not mandatory, of course. Should you so wish, you may also turn up in traditional dress from one of the individual provinces.

The awards will take place during the evening event from approximately 18:30hrs onwards.

We are looking forward to many participants, and so that we can provide enough seating in the Senate, we ask you to register by email at

If you’d like to enable other cachers to discover your Signal, please send through the tracking code along with its name, and we’ll make sure this is displayed alongside your frog in the Senate.


Your Organiser Team GeoXantike



25. January 2015
by Steffen
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Osningbahn-Sonderzug to Xanten

We report to you a special event today:

The team of the event series A train will come …will drive to Xanten with a geocachers-exclusive train this year on June 06th.

From Bielefeld it comes with three coupled restored railcars in a three hour drive to Xanten, where the train will arrive in the morning. From the train station in Xanten is the “LVR Archaeological Park Xantenwithin a few minutes walk in the evening we take the special train back to Bielefeld. The organizers have space for 150 participants.

The Event-Listing (GC5FMBB – Ein Zug wird kommen …..2015 meets GeoXantike) will be published in the coming weeks but you can find all about the event already on the following private website (german only):

Bild3 Bild1