Project GeoXantike




Signal frogs of the Roman Empire and from all countries, we hereby cordially invite you to the plenary of the Signal frogs during GeoXantike, taking place on VI-VI-MMXV in Xanten.

Your caching parents can leave you in our care between approx. 09:30hrs and 17:30hrs at the Signal Senate, where your immunity will be well taken care of.

Those who wish to may, of course, appear in appropriate Roman dress, and the top three outfits will receive awards.

This is not mandatory, of course. Should you so wish, you may also turn up in traditional dress from one of the individual provinces.

The awards will take place during the evening event from approximately 18:30hrs onwards.

We are looking forward to many participants, and so that we can provide enough seating in the Senate, we ask you to register by email at

If you’d like to enable other cachers to discover your Signal, please send through the tracking code along with its name, and we’ll make sure this is displayed alongside your frog in the Senate.


Your Organiser Team GeoXantike