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25. January 2015
by Steffen
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Coin presale

Mega events need good organisation – we’re already making the final preparations to ensure you’ll receive your event-related Geocoins in good time for GeoXantike. As our minters need sufficient time to be able to fulfill all of your requests and wishes, we sadly need to restrict pre-sales of both the Kids Coins and the Event Coins. The deadline for pre-sale of the Kids Coins is 22nd February, and of the Event Coins 22nd March 2015.

Coin purchases are limited, and production won’t continue – once they’re gone, they’re gone! Please note the deadline dates above as there will only be a handful of coins available to purchase at the event itself.

For those of you who wish to ensure you can purchase a coin, please place your order via our online shop at by the dates above. This is also where you can find out all the latest news about the event. Recently we added some news for those among you who are interested in historical railways.

We’d like to thank all who have preordered so far for their trust in us. Thank you, also, for your understanding with regard to the deadlines; after all: Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Your organisers, CacherTeamGeldern

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14. December 2014
by Tobias
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Gladiatorengruppe „Amor Mortis“

The gladiator group “Amor Mortis” is a group of academics, amateurs and actors who aim to bring history to life.

They create their equipment using the limitations of ancient times wherever possible. The combat style that they use is an interpretation based on pictorial sources, information from professional fighters, and the logical uses of weaponry.

Bildquelle: Gladiatorenschule "Amor Mortis" (

Source: Gladiatorenschule “Amor Mortis” (

They’re well on their way to being in a position to present gladiators of the 1st decade both realistically and scientifically, due to their experiences and continual learning.

The unique atmosphere of the ancient amphitheatre will be the backdrop for these exciting and gripping exhibitions of combat. This will be one of the many highlights of the GeoXantike programme of events, for sure!

PS: For those who want to discover the Lower Rhine by bicycle: you can now hire “Niederrheinräder” on our shop.


12. December 2014
by Tobias
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Sponsor Coins are sold out

Ave, dear cachers! This message is specially for those supporters who virtually tore the Sponsor Coins from our hands last Sunday. Thanks to your support, the Sponsor Coins are now sold out, meaning that the planned programme for children/U18s can go ahead – thank you so much!

We’ve also received a few queries regarding the Event Coins, so the following information will probably be of interest to coin collectors: the official Event Coins are only available in the three examples offered in our store. There will be no other versions or special editions. So, if you pre-order all three coins, you know you’ll be getting all of the official Event Coins in one hit.

The Kid’s Coin associated with the Sponsor Coins has been created with our younger cachers in mind – they tend to prefer our mascot. This is still available to pre-order in our store.

7. December 2014
by Steffen
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Following on from last week’s announcement of the Roman group “Classis Augusta Germanica”, we’ve saved a very special announcement for this, the second Sunday of Advent.

We’d mentioned it before, but we’re pleased to say that it’s finally time for our online store to open its virtual doors at is where you can book your tickets for both the Main Event and the Meet & Greet. In addition, this is also where you can order event T-shirts, Event Coins and Sponsor Coins – it’s a one-stop-shop!

Guided tours, presentations and workshops will, unfortunately, be restricted in terms of the number of people who can participate, due to the size of the venue.

We wish you all lots of fun while you decide what to purchase, and we hope to welcome you in Xanten next year!


5. December 2014
by Tobias
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Geocoins & Co

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our Event Coins, but we didn’t give the price away! St. Nicolas has got them in his sack for you, though! The set of all three Event Coins is available at a family-friendly cost of €18 and will be delivered in a beautiful little coin bag.

Alternatively, you may prefer a coin safe, designed by Mario of the LaserLogoShop. This is on offer with all three Event Coins at a price of €24.


These, and many other offers, will be available as soon as our online store is live.

Tomorrow we’ll also be publishing our listing for the Meet & Greet event. We look forward to meeting you at this event, too!

Your CacherTeamGeldern

30. November 2014
by Tobias
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Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta”

We want to give info-presents about the event to you every Sunday in Advent.

The Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta” is a group that has been studying Roman history for several years. They try to portray Roman life as authentically as possible, including Roman military, crafts and civilian life. Part of the group’s display includes the Roman Rhine fleet of AD 1, whose main stronghold at the time was in the fleet‘s castle “Alteburg” located in today’s city of Cologne.

Classis Augusta GermanicaThe group will set up camp in the grounds of the APX on the weekend of “GeoXantike” and will give us an insight into life in Roman times. Visitors will have an opportunity to view their tents from the inside, along with the “furniture” and the Roman kitchens. Weapons and crafts of the era will also be available to view, and members of the group will be on hand… all dressed in authentic clothing… to answer questions from young and old alike.

25. October 2014
by Steffen
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Ave, Geocachers!

We’d like to thank the 3,000+ cachers who’ve indicated that they wish to participate in Roman life in the coming year. Preparations are in full swing and some questions have already reached us in a variety of ways. We’d like to answer a few of these questions via this announcement.

In addition to the workshops and presentations, actual geocaching won’t be neglected at this event: we’ll be preparing various caches for you just as we did at TipiTipiTap. More information will follow soon!

Children and young people under 18 years will be offered free entry to GeoXantike. But in order to provide a suitable programme – especially to children – we need your support: all early “Will attend” logs help!

For those who wish to do more, why not support us by purchasing a sponsor coin? All proceeds go directly toward the children’s programme. Speaking of the sponsor coins – they differ significantly to the event coins. Both can be admired on our website from today.

The online store will open early in December on our website. It’s the place to pre-order tickets, all coins, event t-shirts and programme events where participants are limited (e.g. workshops and guided tours). Look out for a further announcement shortly!

Have you found and liked our event on Facebook yet? We regularly post interesting insights and background information there. We look forward to all visitors and supporters there.

Your Organising Team from CacherTeamGeldern

7. October 2014
by Tobias
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Outcome of the scarab geocoin auction

We want to thank everyone who participated in our auction. In the end it was going to be very exciting who would set the highest bet. But everything has to come to an end an now we have a winner for this auction. With an amount of 75€ it was quite a lot. The new owner of the Brown / AntiqueGold Scarab Geocoins has already been informed by us and is allowed to expand his collection with this particular piece in the next few days.

25. September 2014
by Tobias
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Geocoin auction

Brown/AntiqueGold Scarab (RE40)A first sponsorship contribution has reached us. We’ve got a Brown / AntiqueGold Scarab (RE40) for auction from Black Teddy. You can participate at this auction via email. Just send us your bid to until 10/05/2014 (12 clock). The winner will be announced here.

With this money we will organize a small part of an absolute highlight for our minicachers. True to the motto “children experience history” there will be a Roman group which will show the children how Roman life really was.