Project GeoXantike


Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta”

We want to give info-presents about the event to you every Sunday in Advent.

The Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta” is a group that has been studying Roman history for several years. They try to portray Roman life as authentically as possible, including Roman military, crafts and civilian life. Part of the group’s display includes the Roman Rhine fleet of AD 1, whose main stronghold at the time was in the fleet‘s castle “Alteburg” located in today’s city of Cologne.

Classis Augusta GermanicaThe group will set up camp in the grounds of the APX on the weekend of “GeoXantike” and will give us an insight into life in Roman times. Visitors will have an opportunity to view their tents from the inside, along with the “furniture” and the Roman kitchens. Weapons and crafts of the era will also be available to view, and members of the group will be on hand… all dressed in authentic clothing… to answer questions from young and old alike.

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