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25. January 2015
by Steffen
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Coin presale

Mega events need good organisation – we’re already making the final preparations to ensure you’ll receive your event-related Geocoins in good time for GeoXantike. As our minters need sufficient time to be able to fulfill all of your requests and … Continue reading

14. December 2014
by Tobias
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Gladiatorengruppe „Amor Mortis“

The gladiator group “Amor Mortis” is a group of academics, amateurs and actors who aim to bring history to life. They create their equipment using the limitations of ancient times wherever possible. The combat style that they use is an … Continue reading

12. December 2014
by Tobias
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Sponsor Coins are sold out

Ave, dear cachers! This message is specially for those supporters who virtually tore the Sponsor Coins from our hands last Sunday. Thanks to your support, the Sponsor Coins are now sold out, meaning that the planned programme for children/U18s can … Continue reading

7. December 2014
by Steffen
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Following on from last week’s announcement of the Roman group “Classis Augusta Germanica”, we’ve saved a very special announcement for this, the second Sunday of Advent. We’d mentioned it before, but we’re pleased to say that it’s finally time for … Continue reading

5. December 2014
by Tobias
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Geocoins & Co

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our Event Coins, but we didn’t give the price away! St. Nicolas has got them in his sack for you, though! The set of all three Event Coins is available at a … Continue reading

30. November 2014
by Tobias
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Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta”

We want to give info-presents about the event to you every Sunday in Advent. The Roman group “Classis Germanica Augusta” is a group that has been studying Roman history for several years. They try to portray Roman life as authentically … Continue reading

25. October 2014
by Steffen
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Ave, Geocachers! We’d like to thank the 3,000+ cachers who’ve indicated that they wish to participate in Roman life in the coming year. Preparations are in full swing and some questions have already reached us in a variety of ways. … Continue reading

16. August 2014
by Tobias
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Announcement: GeoXantike

It was probably clear to many of you at our last event that something big was going to happen here on the Lower Rhine. Maybe some of you remember the green business cards with the GCxxxxx inscription that were distributed … Continue reading