Project GeoXantike



Dear participants – due to your numerous “Will Attend” logs we have been awarded GIGA status for the GeoXantike event. This is primarily down to you, as it’s purely due to popularity that a GIGA Event can even be made possible.

The amendment from MEGA to GIGA won’t mean any changes for participants – the event will still be hosted in the remains of a Roman town, so there’ll be plenty of room for all cachers to get involved with this experience of a lifetime.

Together with you, we’re looking forward to meeting Annie and Cathy, two of the Groundspeak lackeys who have announced their attendance, and to more than 30 Groundspeak volunteer reviewers who have also logged a ‘Will Attend’ for the GIGA event in Xanten. They’re still “tinkering” with the implementation, but after the reviewer stall in Koblenz and Munich went down so well, there’ll certainly be a reviewer stall in Xanten.

For Coin enthusiasts, we’d like to remind you of the deadline for orders in our online store: the Event Geocoins are available on pre-order during the next two and a half weeks only, up to 22 March. There will only be a few remaining coins to purchase at the event – so if you want to be sure of a Coin, we’d advise you to pre-order.

We thank you for your encouragement and rejoice with you over the new icon.
See you at GeoXantike!

Your CacherTeamGeldern

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