Project GeoXantike


Mini-U-Boot Comet

The freetime center Xanten (FZX) makes the water of the two lakes in Xanten an important role also for example with the water skiing facility in the north of the Xanten Southsea.

Especially for Project GeoXantike is up camp here the minisubmarine “Comet“. The home-built submarine has been tested for dives up to 100 meters and can accommodate a total of two people.

The team provides on Saturday 30 minute rides through the Xanten South (of course in the submerged state;)) on. These tours each cost 50, – Euro and be paid cash on the spot.

Meeting place and dive center can be found at the following coordinates:

Nord 51° 40.220 – Ost 006° 27.330

For more information about the U-Boot click on the website of the team:

Have a nice insight into the perspective under water provided by the following Youtube movie:

Cospudener See1 Cospudener See7

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