Project GeoXantike


Sponsor Coins are sold out

Ave, dear cachers! This message is specially for those supporters who virtually tore the Sponsor Coins from our hands last Sunday. Thanks to your support, the Sponsor Coins are now sold out, meaning that the planned programme for children/U18s can go ahead – thank you so much!

We’ve also received a few queries regarding the Event Coins, so the following information will probably be of interest to coin collectors: the official Event Coins are only available in the three examples offered in our store. There will be no other versions or special editions. So, if you pre-order all three coins, you know you’ll be getting all of the official Event Coins in one hit.

The Kid’s Coin associated with the Sponsor Coins has been created with our younger cachers in mind – they tend to prefer our mascot. This is still available to pre-order in our store.

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