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Gladiatorengruppe „Amor Mortis“

The gladiator group “Amor Mortis” is a group of academics, amateurs and actors who aim to bring history to life.

They create their equipment using the limitations of ancient times wherever possible. The combat style that they use is an interpretation based on pictorial sources, information from professional fighters, and the logical uses of weaponry.

Bildquelle: Gladiatorenschule "Amor Mortis" (

Source: Gladiatorenschule “Amor Mortis” (

They’re well on their way to being in a position to present gladiators of the 1st decade both realistically and scientifically, due to their experiences and continual learning.

The unique atmosphere of the ancient amphitheatre will be the backdrop for these exciting and gripping exhibitions of combat. This will be one of the many highlights of the GeoXantike programme of events, for sure!

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